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How Have Slots Evolved Over the Years?

Men always have the penchant for trying their luck on games of chance. They figure that they have a great chance of pulling off the heist of the century because of the high probability of nailing the jackpot. No matter the game, there’s always someone who’s up to try it at least once. It’s a compulsion that every person has. If they win, they stay a little more to find out just how lucky they can get. It can also be a way of passing the time. In addition, these games of chance take you for a roller coaster ride on the spinning wheels.

Through the years, among the best entry for casinos are the slot machines. The sound they make, the machine’s aesthetics, and the promise of a quick buck all combine to attract players. Moreover, they’re pretty easy to play, and everyone has a great chance to crack the pot. Each machine is unique and may have its personality quirks, too. Some players recognise this and have their favourite machines to use.

In the past, you could only play slots if you were inside the casinos. Nowadays, if you’ve got a mobile phone or a laptop with a steady internet connection, you can play slots anytime, anywhere on the globe. Some sites even offer free spins as a reward to clients who download their applications, and others provide a monetary incentive to sweeten the pot.

Let’s take a look at how slot machines have evolved throughout the years.

Nickel-in-the-slot machines

Among the first mechanical machines invented, which people used for relaxation and entertainment, were machines with two toy horses to race to the finish line. Others used a balance machine where the objective was to tip the scales to drop other coins. Eventually, the term nickel-in-the-slot was shortened to simply slot machines.


From card deck to slot machine symbols 

The first one-armed slot machines used a card deck distributed on five drums. Some manufacturers removed certain cards to lower the chance of nailing a straight flush. This helped reduce the probability of the house paying out the winnings. Over the years, companies developed different mechanisms to control the drums and changed the symbols from card deck signs to the ones we’re accustomed to right now.

From candy to cigars, to beer, to money

Did you know that they paid candy instead of money in the earliest iterations of the slot machine? The first machines rewarded customers with candy every time they had a winning hand. Over time, salon owners and shop owners provided other rewards such as beer and cigars. Finally, when casinos took over, they paid out tokens which could only be spent in the establishment and money.


Casinos also began commissioning machines with different themes that coincided with their establishment’s identity. Furthermore, they increased the jackpot and changed the payout method. They’re still enjoyable, but some machines now dispense tickets instead of money or tokens.

Final takeaways

Slot machines evolved from simple mechanisms to machines where one can look forward to potentially winning the big jackpot. They’re a great game to play and, with the right amount of luck, it can lead to some bonus coins and great winnings.


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